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¿Repostería o arte? Así son los extraordinarios postres de Liz Joy-Murray

El detallismo de las creaciones de esta repostera triunfa en las redes

La repostera Liz Joy-Murray en una entrega de premios en Inglaterra.
La repostera Liz Joy-Murray en una entrega de premios en Inglaterra.
Actualizada 12/11/2020 a las 10:45

Entender la perfección de los postres de Liz Joy-Murray resulta más sencillo cuando navegas por su currículum y descubres que, antes de repostera, fue directora de arte en Hollywood. Hoy, su éxito en las redes le augura un futuro de lo más prometedor en el mundo de la gastronomía.

Lo cierto es que las creaciones de esta repostera son auténticos cuadros, a los que resulta complicado ‘hincar el diente’ por la belleza de su composición. 

Liz Joy-Murray lleva solo tres años creando estos tipos de postre que, en lugar de tartas o galletas, parecen obras de arte repletas de detalles.

Todo comenzó cuando tuvo que tomarse un descanso en su carrera profesional por razones de salud y tenía que ocupar su tiempo de alguna manera. En vez de conformarse con simplemente hornear, decidió usar sus productos como lienzos para sus diseños.




Here are some progress photos from the Peter Pan pie I made a couple weeks ago. I generally use a vegan almond cookie dough for my crust (top and bottom) because it doesn’t spread or puff when it bakes, so my shapes stay nice and sharp and maintain their dimensions. . After I sketch out my design and decide on how I want to layer everything, I make templates and then hand-cut all the pieces. I blind bake the bottom crust and topper pieces separately, decorate all the cookies, cook the filling stovetop, fill the pie, then add any extra colors or sprinkles to the filling. For this pie I attached all the toppers with melted caramel. The window panes are @simicakes1 isomalt, and the windows are propped open with little cookie wedges (I also cut the windows at an angle to force the perspective effect a bit more). . Almost all colors here are from @thesugarart. I sparkled the sky with @bakerybling and @thesugarart Diamond Dust, and the star sprinkles can be found in my shop. Wendy’s hair and dress are made from marshmallow fondant, the window seat and window molding details are royal icing, and everything else was painted directly onto the cookies. . This design ended up being a bit of a pain in the ass, but I was super happy with the finished pie, and I learned a LOT during the process . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #pie #pieart #pierevival #pastryart #marthabakes #foodart #ilovepie #piecrust #imsomartha #piesofinstagram #foodstyling #onmytable #pielover #patisserie #homebaker #piecrust #psimadethis #dessertporn #foodwinewomen #thekitchn #desserttime #sugarcraft #madetocreate #instapastry #pastrylover #cutefood #abmlifeiscolorful #fantasyart #disneyfanart

Una publicación compartida de Edible Art by Liz joy (@inspiredtotaste) el



Joy-Murray insiste en que sus creaciones están destinadas a ser un festín tanto para los ojos como para el paladar y su éxito le ha llevado a trabajar con algunas de las marcas más conocidas del mundo, como Amazon Studios , Christian Louboutin o Forbes.

“Siempre estoy interesada en aprender nuevas técnicas y materiales, y el proceso de prueba y error puede llevar un poco de tiempo y ser caótico, aunque generalmente aprendo más a través de ello”, declaró a Mail Online

Sin embargo, la estadounidense tiene la experiencia suficiente para evitar accidentes en su proceso, así que, generalmente, tarda en hacer los pasteles "un par de días desde el concepto hasta su finalización".




Jay’s birthday was last month and he requested a cookie crust pie, so I requested inspiration for the design. He never gave me anything good to work with, then I got busy and he never got his pie. I’ve had this Peter Pan concept stuck in my head for awhile now, though, and finally made time to create it this week. Now it gets to do double-duty as his belated birthday dessert (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, JAY! ). . This pie has a blueberry filling in a lemon-almond cookie crust. Almost all the colors used in this design are from @thesugarart. I sparkled the sky with a combo of @bakerybling and Diamond Dust, and we now carry these gold star sprinkles in our shop ⭐️. Most of the elements on this pie are painted directly onto the cookies. Wendy’s dress and hair are marshmallow fondant, the window panes are @simicakes1 isomalt, and the window seat cushion and window molding details are royal icing. . If you’ve ever wanted to create flatlay scenes in this style to show-off your bakes, I’ll be teaching a livestream class this afternoon where I’ll be sharing my flatlay formula and demoing several scenes. Click the link in my bio for more info. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #pie #pieart #pierevival #pastryart #marthabakes #foodart #ilovepie #piecrust #imsomartha #piesofinstagram #foodstyling #onmytable #pielover #patisserie #homebaker #piecrust #psimadethis #dessertporn #foodwinewomen #thekitchn #desserttime #sugarcraft #madetocreate #instapastry #pastrylover #cutefood #abmlifeiscolorful #fantasyart #disneyfanart

Una publicación compartida de Edible Art by Liz joy (@inspiredtotaste) el



Como ha enseñado a sus más de 120.000 seguidores en Instagram, siempre comienza con un boceto suelto de lo que quiere crear para apuntar qué elementos e ingredientes necesitará.

Todos los elementos se hornean, se decoran a mano por separado y, luego, se colocan sobre el pastel para crear una pieza tan única como los siguientes ejemplos.




I've received quite a few requests to organize a pie art class, and am going to do my best to work on something by the end of this year. Since pies are such an involved process, it'll likely be pre-recorded instead of a livestream (because, trust me, no one needs to see the mess happen live ). If you know me, you know I don't generally recreate designs, so this will definitely be something new and fresh. Do you guys have any ideas for a concept, theme or design direction? Feel free to let me know in the comments. If I end up choosing your recommendation, I'll give you the class for free ! _______________________________________________________ - - - - - - - - - - #pie #pieart #pierevival #pastryart #marthabakes #foodart #ilovepie #piecrust #imsomartha #piesofinstagram #foodstyling #onmytable #pielover #patisserie #homebaker #piecrust #psimadethis #heresmyfood #dessertporn #foodwinewomen #thekitchn #desserttime #sugarcraft #madetocreate #instapastry #pastrylover #cutefood #abmlifeiscolorful #fantasyart

Una publicación compartida de Edible Art by Liz joy (@inspiredtotaste) el





More student work from my Voluminous Dresses online class. How insanely gorgeous are these designs by @toutesweetcookies, @kittycatconfectionery, @aline.backt, and @the_pocketbakery?! I’d happily wear each one. . This class is prerecorded and available for purchase via the link in my bio. _______________________________________________________ - - - - - - - - - - #cookieart #decoratedcookies #customcookies #royalicing #sugarcookies #cookiesofinstagram #sugarcookiesofinstagram #icedcookies #cookieartist #cookiedesign #designercookies #instadessert #dessertlover #foodart #edibleart #cutefood #fondant #frosting #sweettooth #madetocreate #foodstyling #cookiedecorating #flatlay #fashionlovers #bakersgonnabake #instabaker

Una publicación compartida de Edible Art by Liz joy (@inspiredtotaste) el





Here's this year's birthday pie for my dad. It has a lemon curd and blueberry filling (dyed with @thesugarart Elite Colors) in a cinnamon-almond cookie crust. . One day when my dad was about 9 years old his teacher, Don Rigo, took the class into the nearby forest for a nature hike and picnic. The boys were never without their trusty slingshots, and this day was no exception. They marched up the sandy path, pockets filled with stones and slingshots at-the-ready. While my dad was widely recognized for his exceptional aim, one classmate, "Tubby", wasn't nearly so gifted (my dad likes to say Tubby couldn't hit an elephant if it was standing still right in front of him). . As the class began unpacking their picnic lunch, they noticed Tubby's attention had been captured by an enormous hornets' nest hanging high in a nearby tree. The boys exchanged uneasy glances as he took aim with a large stone, worried this might be the day Tubby finally hit his mark. He missed. Instead, the sharp stone went whizzing through the hive's stem, severing it completely from the tree and sending the massive nest plummeting to earth. . A sinister swarm immediately materialized above the class and, for a moment, the giant, buzzing thundercloud blocked out the sun before raining murderous intent onto the panic-stricken group. . Chaos ensued. . Don Rigo couldn't find traction in the sand and went down first, but his students didn't have a second to spare him a glance. Screaming children took off in every direction. Several bodies hurtled up the path, shrieking and flailing in terror. My dad and his friends clambered wildly through the underbrush to a nearby river, plunging themselves underwater while being continuously pummeled by the hornets' unmerciful stingers. . (continued in comment section...)

Una publicación compartida de Edible Art by Liz joy (@inspiredtotaste) el





I had two pie designs planned for this month, but am still super busy working on client projects, so probably won’t be able to get to them until June (I can’t wait! ). Until then, here’s a throwback to my first narrative-style pie from a couple years ago. It’s still one of my very fav designs ❤️. _______________________________________________________ - - - - - - - - - - #pie #pieart #pierevival #pastryart #marthabakes #foodart #ilovepie #piecrust #imsomartha #piesofinstagram #foodstyling #onmytable #pielover #patisserie #homebaker #piecrust #psimadethis #heresmyfood #dessertporn #foodwinewomen #thekitchn #desserttime #sugarcraft #madetocreate #instapastry #pastrylover #cutefood #abmlifeiscolorful #fantasyart

Una publicación compartida de Edible Art by Liz joy (@inspiredtotaste) el





I made another pair of edible espadrilles. These scrumptious little sandals (inspired by @alamedaturquesa’s gorgeous footwear) are decorated with a combo of royal icing and fondant. The bows are made from hand-painted edible fabric. All painted details were done with @sweetsticksau’s #edibleartpaint (thanks for the lovely metallic palette, @sweetelizabethcakedesigns! ) _______________________________________________________ - - - - - - - - - - #cookieart #decoratedcookies #customcookies #royalicing #sugarcookies #cookiesofinstagram #sugarcookiesofinstagram #icedcookies #cookieartist #cookiedesign #designercookies #instadessert #foodart #edibleart #cutefood #fondant #frosting #sweettooth #madetocreate #foodstyling #cookiedecorating #flatlay #fashionlovers #bakersgonnabake #instabaker #shoelovers #shoeswag

Una publicación compartida de Edible Art by Liz joy (@inspiredtotaste) el





Who's ready for some #GameofThrones goodness? I'm thrilled to have once again teamed up with my incredibly talented friend, Jessica of @thepieous, to bring you our pie tributes to the final season of #GoT (Omg how can it almost be over already?!). Here is my Daenerys Tart-garyen (sorry - it was the best I could come up with) and Rhaegal, who is breathing a fiery filling composed of peaches, raspberries, and lemon curd. _______________________________________________________ This pie has a lemon almond cookie crust and the toppers are made almost entirely of hand-painted cookies. I basically pulled out all my favorite edible paint brands for this project, including: @sweetsticksau #edibleartpaint, @poppypaints, @sugarprism_edible_acrylicpaint, and @trucolor_llc. I sparkled the filling with @bakerybling. _______________________________________________________ Make sure to check out @thepieous’ INCREDIBLE Jon Snow! I’m absolutely in love . I’m also curious to know which character you’re going to miss the most when the show wraps up?

Una publicación compartida de Edible Art by Liz joy (@inspiredtotaste) el


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