San Fermín 2014
San Fermín 2014

The Last Hurrah!

  • Ya falta menos! Viva San Fermin! Gora!

El escritor inglés Tim Pinks

El escritor inglés Tim Pinks

15/07/2014 a las 06:01
Or rather, ‘The Last Hurrah!’ That would probably be a better title for this last piece, as fiesta fades away like a distant echo. As Johnny Cash said on one of his live albums, "We have had a ball, have we not?". After nine days and 204 hours of fiesta, this is the last publication of the series. There will be no more fiesta or feria tales to tell, except the one’s we take with us forever. And there is no escape of the day either, except, of course, ‘The Great Escape’ as people leave town and try and find their home planet. It really is another world, isn’t it, this Fiesta of San Fermin.

'Una fiesta sin igual' they call it, and yes, it certainly is a fiesta without equal. And a town without equal too, with an inimitable people and an incomparable Saint. I used to never want to stay in Pamplona on the 15th, but get away as quickly as possible because I didn’t want to see the place

But now I love staying on after it’s all over, with the rest of the strays and orphans and those foreign Sanfermineros who adore this city and its people so much. It’s become a bit of a tradition to meet up at lunchtime, wearing what I can only describe as everyday clothes, and see some friends off and perhaps have lunch together with others.

And then in the evening, and hopefully looking smart, (ish), I like to go to Cafe Iruña and have a few drinks with those survivors who have decided to stay on, and chat away about this past fiesta-week.

Later on some of us go to dinner and try and have an early night... but it never quite works out like that. Somehow the magic of the place and perhaps a smiling saint encourages us to make things last for just a little bit longer.

But perhaps with the Grace of God and some good fortune, we’ll all be back again next year. Lastnight as the Pobre-De-Mi ended and the songs were sung for the last time, we knew the fiesta was officially over... but did you stop to think for a moment about those two songs they sing? The second one was saying, ‘the countdown is on...Viva San Fermin'!

You see... there truly is no escape! Ya falta menos! Viva San Fermin! Gora!
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