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A "guiri" tells the San Fermin festival in English from Sunday in 'Olé Today'

  • The English writer Tim Pinks daily recounts the main events and highlights of the Pamplona festival in the first blog in English of Diario de Navarra

El escritor inglés Tim Pinks

The English writer Tim Pinks

04/07/2014 a las 06:01
The San Fermin festival can no longer be worldwide. Locals and foreigners living the world-famous Pamplona feast are seduced by this outburst of joy that starts on 6 and serves as a prelude to the music, bullfighting, devotion to the saint, giants and hundreds of different activities that extend until 14 July.

That has been the case of the English writer Tim Pinks, who since 1984 regularly attends the San Fermin festival and this year, from day 6 recount in diariodenavarra.es the highlights of the party in his blog 'Olé Today '. Old bull runner and lover of the San Fermin festival, Pinks guides readers through the highlights of the festival in the language of Shakespeare.

His prose -close and fun- delve into the customs and rituals of the party respectfully, with healthy humor and genuine admiration to a city that believes it has "true friends for life."

The blog 'Olé Today' will be part of our special coverage of San Fermin Diario de Navarra offers readers in their printed and digital editions from 6 to 14 July.
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  • Mme. de Sevigné
    (04/07/14 12:26)

    Welcome to Pamplona. I do believe that the true spirit of San Fermín lies in the activities that have been lately carried out by the guiris. The Jumping of Navarrería is a clear example. All celebrations that are now considered "sacred, holy and sanctified" as established and immutable traditions have a transgression source. The Riau-Riau, the running of the bulls, all of them were a reaction against the established rules, so the same happens in Navarrería now. I hope that this blog is a chance to debate about the way the Festival has served the purposes of the ruling class to monitor and control over the navarrese citizens. Well, there is nothing new under the Sun, it's just sheer New Historicism. Greetings from my Sumer residence in Bidart.


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