San Fermín 2014

The San Fermín Festival live coverage, adapted to your mobile and your tablet

  • Diario de Navarra will go the extra mile once again to offer round-the-clock information to their readers, wherever they are

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Diario de Navarra's website will keep a constant flow of information going these Sanfermines, and it will do it with a special design thought to accomodate the increasing amount of readers who use their electronic devises to access information about the Fiesta.

From the Chupinazo, a flying firecracker that announces the start of the Festival on 6th July to the Pobre de mi, the singing ritual that puts a stop to it, will record the Fiesta's whole 9 days, 204 hours and 12.240 minutes, thanks to an easy-to-read format both computer and mobile device friendly.

The broadcasting of the encierro-running of the bulls will be one of the main areas of focus of Diario de Navarra on the web. Readers will be able to follow it live either from its website or its social networks (Twitter, @diariodenavarra and Facebook). Besides readers will be able to revisit the popular race just within minutes of its finish in the exclusive galleries made with the images of the newspaper's photographers and those of photographers' belonging to renowned agencies such as AFP, EFE or Reuters.

Along with these pictures, TVE's encierro's whole video will be accesible on the web, from where the reader will have the opportunity to obtain a more in-depth knowledge of the running of the bulls thanks to interviews with its racers and protagonists.

On top of this will offer multimedia information about the main events of every journey, with the novelty of a streaming video service which will follow many of the main acts live such as San Fermin's procession, jotas singing festivals, the mulillas, the evening fireworks or the concerts at Plaza de los Fueros, among other spectacles.

For another year the reader will have at hand specific photographic galleries about the Comparsa de Gigantes, the daily bullfighting and its popular section 'Find Yourself within the Bull-Ring', plus complete images of the bull-ring.

After the bull-fight, this year the web will offer a summary with the most relevant information of the day.

Finally the paper's website will publish a section with interviews of the people who have a prominent role at the festival, as well as a new section depicting 'Recuerdos y 'momenticos' which recalls unforgettable moments of past festivals.
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