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Paramount gives Bayona the sequel to "World War Z"

Brad Pitt, protagonista de
Brad Pitt in "World War Z"
Actualizada 11/12/2013 a las 14:12
Paramount Pictures and the production company Skydance have given the project of designing the sequel to the film "World War Z", starring Brad Pitt, to Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona, according to Deadline.

Bayona, responsible for productions such as ?Lo imposible?, will have to come up with the plot for the second part of the apocalyptic film in which civilization faces extinction due to a plague of violent zombies.

"World War Z" went through serious problems at the conceptual stage and had, as a consequence, a budget overrun of 220 million dollars, which seemed to condemn the film to economic failure when coupled with promotion and distribution costs of 125 million dollars.

Nevertheless, the film took 540 million dollars worldwide and thereby encouraged the studio to exploit the story further.

The original plot ends with a pitched battle between men and zombies and lays the basis of the sequel; however, this ending was never filmed because it seemed that spectators would not like it and therefore the planned beginning of the second part had to be ruled out.

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