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Hiker who inspired the film '127 hours' arrested

Actualizada 10/12/2013 a las 12:35
The hiker Aron Ralston, whose dramatic story of survival inspired the film '127 hours' and for which the actor James Franco was nominated for an Oscar, was arrested in Denver (Colorado) accused of gender violence and putting a minor at risk, according to the TV channel CBS on Monday.

The arrest took place on Sunday after a fight with his girlfriend Vita Stramaglia, who was also taken into custody concerning the hiker's child.

Both Ralston and Stramaglia presented claims and are awaiting court.

The fight took place in front of their 8 month old daughter.

Ralston appeared for the first time in newspapers in 2003 when a solo hike in a canyon in Utah ended in an accident which left him incommunicado and with his forearm trapped under a rock.

After five days trapped, Ralston broke his own arm and cut it off with a knife, which allowed him to escape and find help.

The experience was told in his book ?Between a Rock and a Hard Place? and immortalized on the silver screen in ?127 hours? (2010), a film by Danny Boyle which was candidate for 6 Oscars, among them best film and best actor for James Franco.

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