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Removed from plane for singing Whitney Houston hit "I will always love you"

Esposada por cantar temas de Whitney Houston
Esposada por cantar temas de Whitney Houston
El avión realizó un aterrizaje de emergencia, ya que la pasajera cantaba de manera incesante el tema 'I will always love you'.
Actualizada 15/05/2013 a las 07:40
A passenger on a flight from Los Angeles to New York caused an emergency landing in Kansas City, where she was ejected from the plane after incessantly singing during the flight the Whitney Houston song "I Will Always Love You".

A spokesperson for American Airlines, Joe McBride, explained to local television station KCTV that the woman’s behaviour was "disturbing" and that “she was ejected from the plane for interfering with the cabin crew".

Due to the woman’s continuous renditions of the song, the Captain declared "a condition of emergency and requested an emergency landing at Kansas City Airport", a half way point in the flight, continued McBride.

Once on the ground, local police entered the plane, handcuffed the woman and took her to into custody at the airport. The company later refused to take the woman on another flight.

A video uploaded to the internet, recorded by another passenger, shows images of the woman being taken off the plane in handcuffs while she sings once again "I will always love you", the Whitney Houston hit song and soundtrack to the film "The Bodyguard", in which Houston co-starred with Kevin Costner in 1992.

After interrogation, the woman was released and explained that her diabetes provoked attacks of this kind of ridiculous behaviour.

Immediately after, the plane refuelled and arrived safely at JFK airport in New York.

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