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Government calls for calm over Perdón tremors

Government calls for calm over Perdón tremors
Government calls for calm over Perdón tremors
Actualizada 26/03/2013 a las 15:29
Mayors and residents of villages located around the Perdón mountain who have been experiencing dozens of tremors since the 14th February are somewhat mystified at the lack of information or an official position on this unusual situation. The Diario de Navarra has asked the provincial interior ministry to clarify: the ministry is appealing for ?calm? and reminds residents that ?Navarre has no experts in the study of seismology?. ?It is a question for the State: if experts in the National Geographical Institute (IGN) don't alert us, there is no reason to set in motion any preventative emergency plan between government and city halls. Nevertheless, we are working closely with them and we are on top of the situation, the ministry added.

The Navarre Emergency Services (ANE) ?have not received many calls? although on the night of the 18th-19th March ?around 20 calls were made?. Similarly, conversations have been held with some mayors.

?It's normal that people are worried, but we are appealing for calm. Except data on the tremors, we don't know much else. It is said that seismology is not an exact, predictable science and that it is not possible to predict if there will be stronger tremors. These smaller, repetitive tremors that people are speaking about may reflect a slow release of tension, thus avoiding anything stronger?, they continued.

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