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Catalina de Foix Primary school: intellectual and emotional training

Actualizada 17/12/2013 a las 17:32
Catalina de Foix Primary School, located in Zizur Mayor was founded in 2007 and its educational objectives are to train its pupils in both intellectual and emotional skills.

In intellectual terms, the school highlights the fact that pupils receive a curricular education with a methodology founded on basic skills. The school tries to help pupils to use what they learn in a practical way, and to this end they carry out individual and group activities in which they use new technologies, outings and the classroom.

Catalina de Foix uses the PAI programme and teaching is carried out in both English and Spanish equally, from the first year of infant school until the second year of primary. From the third year of primary, pupils may opt also for French. In the fifth and sixth years, pupils may also opt for French or Basque.

The school, which this year has 46 teachers and 549 pupils, also teaches values such as self-respect, respect for others and for the environment. To achieve this, activities which teach empathy, solidarity, peace, responsibility, effort and socialization are also undertaken.

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